Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Almost There. thisclose

I've been hovering at 210 for over a month. A month! Sheesh.

So, lo and behold, even after all the Easter-candy-shove-in-face-fest two weekends ago, I'm down to 205.6.

to the hundreds: 199 and I'll be throwing a party and eating cake.

Yup. Cake.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Have I disclosed my weight before?

I don't think I have.

But I will.

I'm down to 209.4 lbs. Still a fattie, but less of one!

My goal is 175, give or take.

I'm hoping to be there by June. I'm sure I will be close at that point but not there because I just can't seem to give up sweets. I'm okay with that! I work out 3-5 times a week and workout hard, so....yeah.

Anyways, 209 is a big hoo-rah for me! I can't wait until I'm under 200 :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Odds were Against Me

Today I woke up with a sore throat and a headache and NO desire to go workout.

Even as I drove to the fitness center I was contemplating a U-turn, mentally and literally.

But then things just fell into place.

-I got the best parking spot/meter that gives you 30min for a quarter instead of 15min. The only one in the whole lot.
-Within two minutes of me getting on a treadmill, "my" treadmill opened up.
-I had an hour left of The Biggest Loser loaded on my ipod to watch.

So, the workout that almost wasn't, was.

In fact, it was 3.3 miles.

Sixty minutes.

And then I tossed in some weight-lifting for good measure. Hey, the Biggest Loser was about to reveal the recently voted-off contestant and how he/she looks today. That's the whole reason to watch, right?

So, world=1, me=0.

But I'll take those any day.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whoa to the Holiday Foods

Time to put a kabosh on holiday food binges. So many treats, so little time.

Over Thanksgiving I gained 2 lbs back because of the damn pecan and french silk pie.
{But oh man alive, they were so so sooo good!}

I have been eating crappily/happily for the last few weeks and working out has been sporadic at best. BUT. BUTT. My butt is smaller.

I'm only 5 lbs away from my wedding weight.

Didn't I say I wanted to be there for Christmas/New Year's? BOOM, BABY!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Goal: Update

So for the last week or three I've been hovering over the same weight. All within 3-5 pounds. Finally I'm seeing a little movement!

I'm now around Ryan's weight, and possibly a few lbs lower. Yippee skippee!

Can I lose another 20 lbs by year's end? Crossing my fingers and lacing my tennis shoes!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's a Halloween Miracle!

I haven't had a single piece of chocolate candy this Halloween season. It just hasn't sounded good to me. I don't think it was really a conscious decision (in fact, I know it wasn't because I've made up for it by eating brownies), but it's weird for me to think that I haven't had candy yet. I'll eat some tomorrow, I'm sure.

But the real Halloween miracle is that my sausage fingers are a bit less sausage-y now. For the past 3 years I haven't been able to get my wedding ring over my knuckle because of the puffiness I added to the hand area.

Well, no MORE! With a bit of coaxing, I can get my ring off! Now, really, it's not like I've been dying to have the symbolic hunk of metal off my finger, but it's been really tight and just knowing it doesn't come off is a bit scary. Especially because it's not gold (which can be easily cut off in a pinch), but platinum...much tougher to saw through if some freak emergency would warrant it.

But what I'm most excited about having it able to be so easily taken off is that I can get it cleaned and refinished! It's about time! I haven't had it refinished since right before our wedding (we were engaged for 7 months and it got dinged up a bit) and the satin side is no longer satin and the shiny part is no longer shiny. Just a dull finish.

Question I send it off in the mail now or wait until next time we're in Utah?

Time for a call to our jeweler.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sixty-Four Pounds to Goal

The last few weeks I haven't been successful with weight loss. I've been eating crappy foods and justifying it because I've worked out. What a waste!

Yesterday, I did 35 minutes of cardio. Not sitting-down-riding-a-bike cardio, but on an actual treadmill. And I actually ran! Mostly it was run one minute, walk 3-4 ish, but I'm so proud of myself for not skimping on the time.

I have a lot to go, but the scale I have is awesome. It lets me input my height and starting weight, gives me my BMI, and asks me what my goal weight is. Then each time I weigh it gives me an update on my stats.

So, 45.4 lbs lost.
That means I have 64.xx to go.

Maybe I need to adjust my timeline to my birthday {February} because 64 lbs by Christmas is a bit silly! It would be 32 lbs each month. Yikes! I mean, I could probably do it, but I need to restructure my eating.